trailer-before-afterBecause our dust-free media blasting process is non sparking and dust free, it is perfect for graffiti removal, parking & road stripe removal, removing oil build up, building restoration, cleaning fire damage, removing paint and rust from fire hydrants and piping, restoring intricate surfaces like railings and much more.

Heavy machinery typically has industrial strength coatings that are difficult to remove with traditional methods. Our dust-free media blasting process increases the energy and mass that is coming out of the nozzle, due to the addition of water to the mix. That allows the crushed glass blasting media to easily remove coatings that are specifically designed to be abrasion and wear resistant.

Excavators, backhoes, fork lifts and other types of machinery can be de-painted more efficiently with dust-free media blasting. Because water is non-compressible, (unlike air), our wet blasting process has more force than traditional sand blasting. Also, the water reduces friction, heat and dust, which means thinner metals will not warp and the impact on the environment is greatly reduced.

With rust inhibitor added to the mix, you will have up to 72 hours of rust resistance in ideal conditions, but we recommended that you prime as soon as possible after blasting, especially in humid conditions.

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